How long does the gel pack stay cold/hot?

The gel pack will stay cold approximately 2-4 hours depending on the size of the gel pack and the application it is used for. The gel pack will retain heat between 30 minutes and 1 hour, however, doctors recommend that you use heat or cold for no more than 30 minutes for an adult and 15 minutes for a child. With both cold and heat therapy, you should check the skin area every two minutes for redness or discoloration of the skin and discontinue use if this occurs.

Can I store the product in the freezer all the time?

Yes, you can keep your gel pack in the freezer all the time so it is ready for use in case of injury. We recommend if you are going to do this that you place the product in a large zip lock bag to keep the food smells out and to protect it from contact with sharp objects in the freezer.

Can I place my gel bag directly in the microwave from the freezer?

No, it is recommended that you bring the bag to room temperature first since heating times are based on room temperature. If you will be frequently switching from one extreme to the other, it may be a good idea to have an extra gel bag on hand when needed.

I suffer from headaches but the gel bag is too cold when I take it out of the freezer, what can I do?

The area around the head and neck contains very little fatty tissue, so if the gel pack is too cold when frozen you could cool it by placing it in the refrigerator instead, this will still provide therapeutic cooling to the area.

I don't know the wattage of my microwave, how do I know how long to heat it?

Start with the lowest time listed on the gel back, check to see if the gel bag is hot enough, if it needs to be hotter add 10 seconds at a time until it your desired temperature. The next time you heat the gel bag, you can heat it for the total amount of time it took to get the gel bag to your desired temperature.

Can I place the entire product in the microwave?

Yes, the product is manufactured from all microwave safe materials including the fabric sleeve. However, there is a possibility that the fabric sleeve may absorb food smells from the microwave so you may choose to heat the gel bag only and place it in the sleeve after it has been heated.

Can I heat the gel pack inside the Gelly-Belly-Bear sleeve in the microwave?

Yes, the bear is manufactured from microwave safe materials, however, we don’t recommend this method because we don’t want children to think it is okay to place “animals” or other toys in a microwave.

Is there a way to make my gel bag last longer if I heat it frequently?

Yes, immerse the gel pack in a microwave safe bowl filled with approximately four cups of water to heat the gel pack more uniformly in the microwave and to prolong the life of the product. When using this method of heating you need to double the heating time recommended on the gel bag.

How do I activate my instant cold pack?

Find the inner liquid pouch inside the instant cold pack and press down hard to burst the liquid inner pouch so it can mix with the granules inside to produce the cold effect. The cooling effect should begin immediately once the liquid and granules are mixed together.

Is the sleeve washable?

Yes, you can machine wash the sleeve, but since it contains nylon it can not be place in the dryer, hand dry only.

My gel pack has a small leak, can I repair it or can I buy a new one?

You can temporarily fix a small leak by covering it with duct tape. Replacement gel packs can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

The gel bag broke open and it is leaking, is the gel material harmful to my furniture or carpet and how do I clean it?

The gel materials used are non-toxic and will not harm your furniture or carpet. If you need to clean the gel off your furniture or carpet, let it get dry and flaky and you should be able to vacuum it up. The gel material is also water-soluble.